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WorkSecure Suite, powered by Transparent BPO, provides customer care agents to support the work-from-home model.

The perfect solution for monitoring, compliance-ensuring, quality customer experience, and more.

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Transparent BPO’s technology infrastructure ensures quick and seamless deployment, giving us the ability to support an agent onsite one day and then from-home the very next—limiting the downtime you’d typically see in this quick-moving scenario. Employees can even BYOD (bring your own device) while we maintain 100% control over their computer for continual compliance. More info


Two-factor authentication isn’t secure enough in a work-from-home model. At Transparent BPO, we use three-factor authentication that eliminates the need for cell phone tokens in the work area and ensures no other system can access your secure environment. More info

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Background noise is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in a work-from-home deployment. Using Transparent BPO’s artificial intelligence software, it recognizes and removes background noise in real-time with undetectable 15ms latency, leaving only a clean human voice. No more dogs barking. No air conditioners or fans. No doorbells. More info


Proprietary software devolved exclusively by Transparent BPO allows random monitoring and scoring of agent’s physical home environment to ensure compliance. Our Quality Monitor Agents are continually reviewing the audits to ensure the physical environment is always meeting security requirements. More info


Home internet connections outside of a BPO’s physical environment can present stability issues, but not without a home internet monitoring solution. Transparent BPO provides continual monitoring from the agents’ desktops to our servers, checking for latency, jitter, disruption of data, and voice connectivity to ensure a quality customer experience. More info

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Work Secure Suite Logo

WorkSecure Suite powered by Transparent BPO.